Donations &Sponsorships

As a Not-for-profit chess club, we rely partly on donations and sponsorships to keep the club running and to keep our players engaged with prizes and scholarships we offer to our members to participate in other events outside the club. The additional funds also helps us in hosting additional chess tournaments and community events to attract new players to the club. So we invite you to consider partnering with the Oakville Chess Club either as a sponsor or a donor.

Why Sponsor?

Sponsorship opportunities
There are many ways you can support, choose one or more of the following:
  • $100– with a minimum of $100, you can sponsor the cash prize for a section of one of the club’s Blitz or Rapid tournaments. You will be mentioned on our online communication and during the tournament.

  • $200– with a minimum of $200, you get the same benefits noted above. In addition, we will include a link to your website on our weekly online communication to our database list of players and parents during the duration of the specific tournament (Blitz or Rapid event).

  • $300– with a minimum of $300, you get the same benefits noted above. In addition, we will distribute print marketing materials on the day of the event to participants and their parents and supporters.

  • $500 to $1,000– with a minimum of $500 per year for a two-year commitment, you get the naming rights to one of our club tournaments. In addition, you will get all the benefits above and you will also be offered a 5-minute opportunity to speak and address participants, their parents and supporters at the beginning of the event. With naming rights, specific events will be named after you for 2 years with options to renew. E.g. The Oakville Chess Club Summer Classic Rapid Chess Tournament will be renamed “ABC Inc. Summer Classic Rapid Chess Tournament.”

  • $1,000+– this offer is for any of the open events we have during the year (2 regular open events and 4 rapid open events per year). You get the opportunity to be the main event sponsor with co-branding of event in your name, e.g. The Oakville Chess Club Challenge Event presented by “ABC Inc.” Further, you can display your signage at the event with a table display at the venue entrance.

  • In kind– if you run restaurant or coffee shop, you can support by supplying lunch, coffee and/or drinks for the participants at any of our events. You can also provide cash to help offset the food costs.

  • Others– if you know of other ways you can support, please let us know. We’re open to hearing your ideas and working with you to support chess in our community.


We invite you to consider donating any amount to support chess as a viable recreational activity for members of our community including our children and adults who call Oakville home. As a club, we have some flexibility to direct your donations to specific programs if that is your wish. Just reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss.

How to get started

We invite you to consider an opportunity to support this great community activity. To sponsor and for more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact:
Ken Green, Executive Director, Oakville Chess Club: 416 706-3491